Play your way to primary school!
Are you looking for a nice place for your child to playfully learn and get ready for school? Check out the preschools of Haarlem Effect!

Children 2 years and older are welcome to come and play at one of our schools, where our staff are specially trained to teach children through play. We have special groups for children that don’t speak Dutch (well). Everyone is welcome! 
The opening hours are close to the opening hours of the primary schools. For the opening hours of a specific preschool, please visit the page of this preschool. 
Sign your child up on time, because there may be a waiting list. You can sign up from the day your child is born. 

Sign up now!
(click the button "inschrijven" below or send an e-mail to the office of Haarlem Effect for more information or help! 
More information about the pre-school of your choice you can find by clicking on the name of the pre-school.




Pre-schooll De Lieverdjes
LRKP-nummer 772814715
Antoniestraat 28
2011 CR Haarlem
06 58 92 78 76

Pre-school De Egelantier
LRKP-nummer 614104440
Klein Heiligland 84
2011 EJ Haarlem
06 510 974 86 (Blauwe Zaal)
06 305 979 65 (Muzenzaal)
egelantier@haarlemeffect.nl (Muzenzaal) of egelantierblauw@haarlemeffect.nl (Blauwe Zaal)

Pre-school Beertje Bas
LRKP-nummer 581992337
Linschotenstraat 57a
2012 VE Haarlem
06 510 211 55

Pre-school Oki-Doki
LRKP-nummer 121473648
Leidseplein 36 rd
2013 PZ Haarlem
06 - 302 353 15



Pre-school Madelief

LRKP-nummer 877801812
Van Oosten de Bruijnstraat 62
2014 VS Haarlem
06 510 623 87

Pre-school Pinokkio
LRKP-nummer 235329848
Theemsplein 22
2014 CN Haarlem
06 510 517 18

Pre-schooll Het Paradijsje
LRKP-nummer 210041018
Witte Herenstraat 36
2011 NW Haarlem
06 302 69 256